Why Your Resume Sucks & How to Fix It

Shredded paper in a waste bin - where the majority of resumes end up!I’ve seen a lot of software engineers’ resumes over the past few years. And most of them suck. Even the resumes of really good people who we’ve hired have often been very average.

Why is that? I’m going to tell you why, and then I’m going to help you avoid the same mistake. And while my experience is mainly in hiring for IT-related roles, this advice can be used by any job seeker. Continue reading

The Top UX Trends of 2014 (Condensed)

I just read this nice post on ‘The Top UX Trends of 2014‘ on UXMag.com. It had some useful observations, but was a bit long, so I’ve written up a summary…

Integration of social media into business practice (not just marketing) has become a necessity.

Large companies are realising the importance of user-centred development and are building in-house UX teams. Continue reading