Marty Cagan on Product Strategy (Summarised)

Has it seemed a bit quiet here? Almost three months ago I did a personal pivot. I took a right turn from a 15+ year career in Software Engineering and managing Software Engineers, and threw my hat in the ring as a Product Manager. So far, so good. I’m loving it. That’s why “that microservices guy” is now authoring a blog about product strategy. The world keeps changing. Get used to it.

That change, though, has resulted in a bit of a dearth of blogs as I’ve hunkered down on learning about the new role and just getting my teeth stuck into it. I also find myself in a position where, rather than being able to write about things that I’ve been doing in anger for years and sharing my hard-won knowledge, I’m back to being a relative noob and sucking up everyone else’s knowledge.

But this blog has never been about “I’m the expert, come and listen to me”. It was always more of a “This is what I’m learning. Feel free to learn along with me” thing. So here we are, together, at the start of my Product Management learning journey. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

Product Strategy

L.B. Johnson in a Vietnam situation room. War offensives are often used as an analogy for product strategyI’ve spent the last three months getting on top of the day-to-day of PM: roadmaps, process, research, discovery, proposals, features, engineering, stories, releases, sales, marketing, launches, support, crises. All great stuff. Then earlier this week, someone said to me, “Tell me about Product Strategy”. And my response:

A shocked face, like the one I gave when asked to describe Product Strategy Continue reading