Notes from YOW! 2014: Cameron Barrie on ‘Mobile at Warp Speed’

I attended YOW! Sydney 2014 and thought some people might get something useful out of my notes. These aren’t my complete reinterpretations of every slide, but just things I jotted down that I thought were interesting enough to remember or look into further.

A bright photo taken using a slow exposure in a train tunnel, giving the impression of moving at warp speed, such as in the topic of Cameron Barrie's Mobile talk.Cameron Barrie (@whalec), Managing Director and Principle Mobile Consultant at Bilue, spoke on “how to apply solid engineering practices to your mobile applications by understanding common mistakes made, and how to mitigate against the risks.” (Slides)

Mobile: Move Fast

He said it’s crucial to be able to move fast. If you’re not disrupting, you’re probably being disrupted.

You need to be honest about what moving fast means for your organisation: you can’t start with crappy code and processes and just start moving fast. Continue reading

Meetup Digest: Sydney FinTech Startups (April 2013)

I went along to the Sydney FinTech Startup Meetup for the first time tonight.

Keyboard keys spelling out 'money' sitting on top of a lot of coinsIt was an interesting meeting as the speakers were all from the Westpac Group, one of the biggest, oldest companies in Australia, which hardly seems appropriate to the Startup scene. However, the guys had a lot to say about how they see the current banking markets and what the bank’s take on innovation and interaction with small companies looks like. From my point of view (as an employee of a financial startup that’s recently hit profitability and is now entering a scaling stage) it was interesting to listen to the challenges that these big companies face and to think about how we might try to avoid the same traps as we grow. Continue reading