Notes from YOW! 2014: Jeff Patton on ‘User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story’

I attended YOW! Sydney 2014 and thought some people might get something useful out of my notes. These aren’t my complete reinterpretations of every slide, but just things I jotted down that I thought were interesting enough to remember or look into further.

Jeff Patton (@jeffpatton) was billed to present a “fast paced workshop [where] you’ll learn the concepts of story mapping by building a map collaboratively with others”. He shared lots of great insights about stories but (I felt) really only touched on Story Mapping briefly near the end of the time. Still, I collected some good notes about stories that made me re-think a few things…

He started by showing this great list of wrong things he used to think about stories. Stupid stuff Jeff Patton used to belive about Agile stories Continue reading