Survey Results: Are Developers More Productive In Scala?

The Story So Far

Lots of numbers in different fonts and coloursAbout two weeks ago, I wrote a blog post suggesting that Scala can make Java developers more productive. One of the comments on that post was that I had no metrics and so was spreading “folklore”. I took the criticism constructively and decided to solicit a small survey of Scala developers to try and get some insight.

What I Wanted to Learn

One of the most important things I’ve read about Lean Startups – and it’s important because it can be applied to a gamut of contexts, not just startups – is that, while the execution of the Lean process is Build, Measure, Learn, you actually have to apply this backwards to get good results: first you decide what you want to learn, that will inform what you need to measure, and that will determine what you need to build.

I employed this advice with this survey, asking first: “What do I hope we learn from this”, and using that to inform the content. Here are the questions for which I wanted the survey to provide some insight: Continue reading